The best iPad cases for 2023

It’s a good idea to put a case on your iPad whether you’re using it as a laptop replacement or giving it to your child to keep them busy on a road trip. Even if you treat your tech like gold, you can’t know what dangers will come your way. But a case can add an extra layer of security to your iPad so that it has a better chance of coming out of those situations without damage. Here are some of our top picks for the best iPad cases you can buy right now. They range in price and security level.

Otterbox Symmetry 360

Otterbox is good at protecting things, as shown by their phone cases, and its Symmetry line 360 line shows that it is also good at making things look good. Symmetry cases look like Apple’s Smart Cover, but the clear, scratch-resistant back is strong and doesn’t make the iPad much heavier. Plus, the edge safety is strong, so you won’t have to worry about your tablet getting broken when you accidentally bump it. The extra flap that Otterbox added keeps the iPad screen cover closed and ties the second-generation Apple Pencil to the side of the iPad Pros. There are Symmetry Series 360 cases for most iPad models, and a new one called Symmetry Folio is a branch off of that line. The front cover of Symmetry Folio has a special place for your Apple Pencil.

ProCase iPad cases

If you want a good alternative to Apple’s Smart Cover, look no further than ProCases’ iPad cases. ProCase has a lot of different styles, but its Thin Hard Protective Smart Folio is a great choice for anyone who just wants a little extra safety for their tablet. Plus, it helps that it works with all of the new iPad types and even some of the older ones. Your iPad is made of a thin layer of hard plastic, and the front flap closes over the screen with a magnet to protect it. And for iPad models that work with the second-generation Apple Pencil, the case has a cutout on the edge where the pen can sit when you’re not using it. ProCase’s accessories aren’t quite as sturdy as Otterbox’s Symmetry cases, but you can get one for as little as $13, and we’ve seen some go on sale for even less than that.

Otterbox Defender series

If you’re not going to mess around with your iPad, the Defender line of cases from Otterbox is the way to go. The company makes these tough covers for a lot of different devices, and the Defender cases for iPads are some of the best safety you could ask for. Defender cases pass more than 24 shock, abrasion, and drop tests. They also have a built-in screen protection and covers for the single port on all of the latest iPad models. You can also take the Shield Stand off and use it to prop your iPad up so you can see it better. It may be bigger than some of the other cases on this list, but we think the extra safety is worth the extra size.

Apple Magic Keyboard

If you want a case that can turn your tablet into a good laptop replacement, it’s hard to do better than Apple’s Magic Keyboard. iPads stick to it automatically and float above the keys and trackpad. You can tilt the iPad from 90 to 130 degrees to get the best viewing angle. It’s amazing how sturdy it feels, and the keyboard is great for long periods of use. If you use it on your lap, it’s not as stable as a regular laptop, but you won’t feel like your set-up is going to fall apart at any time either. The glass trackpad is another great feature. It’s big enough for actions and easy to use, even though it’s smaller than the one on a full-sized MacBook.

The Magic Keyboard has two big problems: it doesn’t offer much protection and it’s expensive. Since the edges don’t wrap around the iPad, this case isn’t a good choice if you tend to drop things. Also, based on the size of your iPad, the Magic Keyboard costs between $300 and $350. It’s the most expensive iPad case on this list, but it’s a great choice for people who want to make their iPad as useful as possible.

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